Bra Fit Checklist

Bra Fit Checklist

Use our checklist to ensure your bra fits perfectly

Did you know that 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size? All too often we choose cups that are too big and bands that are too small. So before you buy, make sure your bra fits perfectly using our Bra Fit Checklist:

Check the cup size

Gently lift your breasts forward, to ensure they’re sitting correctly in the cup. If you're breasts are spilling out or you notice unflattering lumps and bumps, your cup size is too small.

If the bra doesn’t sit smoothly and there's a gap between you and the bra, try going down a cup size. Another reason for gaping cups is  incorrect style or shape. If your breasts are ‘teardrop’ shaped, you may be be better suited to balconette bras or plunge bras, rather than full-coverage.

Note: If the bra cup used to fit and you have not lost weight, your bra may need replacing. This is particularly common with stretch cup bras, which can stretch out or lose their shape over time.

Check the band

The band should be at the same level all the way around your body. If it’s riding up your back, it's too big. Try going down a band size or tightening your band. It should feel firm and secure, but you should also be able to slip two fingers beneath the band in back, and one in the centre in front. If you can't, you may need to loosen your band or go up a size.

Also check the side wing encloses the breast, with no bits bulging near your armpits.

Check the straps

If your band size is too small, your straps will slip off your shoulder. If your band size is too big, you’ll end up tightening the straps to compensate, which will dig into your shoulders. Make sure the straps sit snug against your skin. If the straps are still falling off, consider a different style. Remember, balconette bras have wider-set straps.

Check the underwire

If you feel the underwire digging in, you may be in the wrong cup size (or the wrong style for you). Use the troubleshooting tips above to determine whether you should size up or down - poking can result from either a too big or too small cup size.

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