How to measure your bra size

How to measure your bra size

Let Elle Macpherson size you up!

Wondering how to measure your bra size accurately? Elle Macpherson shares her top tips on getting the perfect fit. It’s time to say goodbye to loose straps, unflattering bulges and gaping cups.

“We often assume our breasts stay the same size, but it's important to get regular fittings,” says Elle.

“Different brands fit differently and sometimes styles within the brand fit differently, so I would recommend getting yourself measured regularly. If you can’t get a professional fitting, follow our step-by-step guide to finding out your own bra size.”

Step 1: Measure your underband

Wearing a non-padded bra, stand in front of the mirror and measure around the bottom of the band, using a tape measure. This is how the band of the bra will fit you, so it should be tight, but not uncomfortable. Note down your size in cm or inches.

How to measure your bra - Step 1: Measure the underband - Image - Elle Macpherson Body 

Step 2: Measure your cup size

Measure the fullest part of your bust (usually over the nipple) to find out your cup size. Make sure that the tape measure is straight across your back, and sits parallel to the floor. Check  it isn’t too tight by taking a full breath in and out, allowing the tape to slide to its most comfortable (yet snug) position. This is your cup size. Note down your size in cm or inches.

How to measure your bra size - Step 2 Measure your cup size - Image - Elle Macpherson Body

Now you have your measurements, use our Bra Size Calculation chart to find your size.